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    Any existing linkage with CIL, if any? If yes, then,
    For all consumers, CIL also offers other short term windows for procurement of coal, viz.,
    1.Spot / Special spot e-auction- for all Indian consumers including traders.
    2.Special forward e-auction – for power sector consumers.
    3.Exclusive e-auction – for non-power sector consumers ( including CPP)

    If not a linked CIL consumer, then it is to inform that CIL offers long term coal linkage for Non Regulated Sector (NRS) consumers through a transparent linkage auction route. This auction takes place in Tranches. Currently the fifth Tranche of the linkage auction is underway. There are the following six subsectors where customers can participate based on its end useSponge Iron, Cement, CPP, Others ( non –coking coal), Steel (coking) and Others (Coking).

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